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A family describes intense pressure on staff at the Royal Hospital - and calls on politicians to get their act together. Presented by Marc Mallett and Sarah Clarke.

25m 21 hours

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Marlon lies to Laurel. Ross is overpowered by grief. Pete is eager to take the next step.

22m 29 days

Coronation Street

Will Jim still have a hold over Liz? Fiz and Tyrone get more bad news. Michelle struggles with Tracy's demands.

22m 29 days

UTV Live Update

Lesser Spotted Ulster

Joe Mahon visits Ardglass in Co Down where he hears about the remarkable man responsible for the village as it is today and takes to the sea in a longboat.

22m 29 days

Coronation Street

Will Peter give into temptation? The Grimshaws turn on each other. Dev gets into Julie's bad books.

22m 29 days

UTV Live Update

Doc Martin

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Harbour Lives

The Invention of Lying

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