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There are calls for families to be extra vigilant following the death of a toddler who died in a blind cord accident. Presented by Paul Clark and Sarah Clarke.

25m 6 hours

Party Political Broadcast

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Home Farm is raided, leaving Lawrence in peril. Debbie lies to protect Pete's reputation. Belle's tormentor strikes again.

22m 29 days

Future Transport: Tonight

Critics claim the UK transport system is at breaking point. Fiona Foster examines some of the solutions being considered, from motorway tolls and cycle paths to driverless cars.

24m 29 days

UTV Live Update


Robert is smug to have the upper hand. Debbie is rocked by Andy's demands. Belle takes drastic action to stay off school.

22m 29 days

Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs

The final episode in this series features Bailey the ugly shih-tzu. Krystal, the American bulldog gets a walk-on part in Coronation Street, and little Pepe finds a posh new home.

22m 29 days

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Spandau Ballet: True Gold

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