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A little Belfast girl’s mother has made an appeal for a donor to help her beat leukaemia, and little progress has been made on welfare reform talks at Stormont. Presented by Paul Clark and Rose Neill.

28m 15 hours

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Vanessa is upset by Victoria. Debbie makes a breakthrough with Cain. Leyla stumbles upon a new business idea.

46m 29 days

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Lesser Spotted Journeys

Joe Mahon visits Lough Hyne near Skibbereen in Co Cork, which is the only saltwater lake in the Republic of Ireland, and he learns about the unique habitat which attracts marine biologists from across the world.

46m 29 days

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It’s been revealed 900 schoolchildren were forced to wait beyond the limit for autism assessments in Northern Ireland, and an appeal has been made for donors to save the life of a little girl in Belfast. Presented by Paul Clark.

33m 19 hours

Eternal Glory

Brand new series in which sporting legends battle it out to be crowned champion of champions. James Cracknell, Matt Le Tissier and Fatima Whitbread are the first to compete.

46m 29 days

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