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Armed police officers have stormed an apartment building in Londonderry as part of an ongoing security operation. Paul Clark and Rose Neill present.

28m 8 hours

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Chrissie is stunned by Lachlan's confession. Val has a change of heart. Adam strikes a deal.

22m 29 days

Coronation Street

A hopeful David picks up on Kylie's trail. Michelle jumps to Steve's defence. How will Jason react to Eva's suggestion?

22m 29 days

UTV Live Update

Rare Breed - A Farming Year

The weather at the start of the year continues to have a knock on affect for our farmers. The wet and cold delays fieldwork and means some animals need to come in at night.

22m 29 days

Coronation Street

Has David come to a dead end? Steve goes to visit poorly Sinead. Jealous Todd dashes Eva's hopes for the future.

22m 29 days

UTV Live Update

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A murder inquest has been halted after it emerged a suspect in the 2003 killing of a Co Armagh man was wrongly issued with an On The Runs letter of comfort. Paul Clark presents.

33m 12 hours

Richard Wilson on the Road

Richard Wilson follows the Shell Guides, first published in the 1930s, to explore the British countryside by car. Today, he follows the 1968 guide to Essex driving to Colchester.

22m 29 days

The Kyle Files

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