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People in west Belfast have spoken of their terror after dissident republicans tried to murder two police officers on their doorstep. Presented by Sarah Clarke and Marc Mallett.

29m 14 hours

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Concern grows as Diane is given worrying news. David misses his father on his birthday. Emma is unsettled by what she learns.

22m 29 days

Coronation Street

Tyrone is left as deflated as Santa. Jamie offers Steph one final deal. Mary has eyes for Brendan.

22m 29 days

UTV Live Update

The Martin Lewis Money Show

Martin Lewis and Saira Khan return for a new series with some of the unmissable Black Friday deals, and give advice on switching your bank account.

23m 25 days

Coronation Street

Will Tyrone accept the help he needs? A dignified Steph fights back. Mary is left crushed by Brendan's revelation.

21m 29 days

UTV Live Update

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News: UTV Live (followed by: UTV Weather)

The Pulse

Raw Deal

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