Coronation Street

Gail takes Michael under her wing. Nick has birthday plans for Leanne. Todd ruins Marcus's plans with Liam.

22m10 days

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Coronation Street

Will a shaken Michael tell Gail the truth? Audrey is shocked by Nick's vile behaviour. Carla gets back on track.

22m 11 days

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NEW Coronation Street

Can Lloyd ever forgive Andrea? Tactless Tracy cashes in. Owen breaks some difficult news.

22m 28 days

Coronation Street

Deirdre makes a shocking confession. Neil suspects that Steve is Andrea's man. Owen receives a summons.

21m 28 days

Coronation Street

Heartbroken Lloyd discovers the truth. Will Tracy and Deirdre stand by Peter? Dennis worms his way into Rita's affections.

22m 25 days

Coronation Street

Will Dennis win back Rita's heart? Peter realises his family think he is guilty. Andrea prepares to leave Neil.

22m 25 days
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A troubled Kerry waits at the church for Dan. Laurel comes clean about how she feels. Harriet goes a step too far.

46m 29 days

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Coronation Street

A drunken Peter crashes Tina's funeral. Leanne realises life is too short. Luke makes his feelings clear.

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