Dickinson's Real Deal

David Dickinson and his team of antique dealers are in Birmingham where a cast iron novelty money box gets Cheryl Hakeney chomping at the bit.

45m12 days

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Dickinson's Real Deal

Lymm is the location today for David Dickinson and his team of dealers, with items of interest including some Doulton character figures, and a collection of vintage toy cars.

46m 13 days

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Dickinson's Real Deal

David Dickinson and his team of dealers are in Kidderminster in the West Midlands where Alison Chapman falls head over heels for a sweetheart brooch.

45m 22 days

Dickinson's Real Deal

David Dickinson and his team of dealers are in Worksop in Nottinghamshire, where Tim Hogarth shows his passion for anything Scottish when a dirk turns up at his table.

45m 21 days

Dickinson's Real Deal

David Dickinson is joined by dealers Jan Keyne, Simon Schneider, Helen Gardiner and Michael Hogben in Chesterfield where a bronze horse by sculptor Pierre Jules Mene turns up.

45m 20 days

Dickinson's Real Deal

Wolverhampton plays host to David Dickinson and his team, where items of interest include a a book about the Titanic which arrives on David Tupman's table.

45m 19 days
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