Adam makes a disastrous mistake. Cain struggles to see the bigger picture. It could be a life-changing day for Priya.

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Sparks fly after Andy's accident. Priya makes her presence felt. Jimmy finds out who the celebrity guest is.

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Adam spirals out of control. Finn wants to satisfy his curiosity. Harriet's jealousy does not go unnoticed.

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Adam makes a reckless decision. Jai covers his tracks. Finn demands answers from Ross.

21m 29 days


Finn is devastated by the truth. Jai finds a way to let go of his frustration. Harriet continues to stir up mischief.

22m 28 days


Donna plays a dangerous game. Leyla feels an unexpected spark. Bernice makes a spectacle of herself.

46m 27 days
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Will Gail be forced to make a choice? Dennis reveals his true colours. A sit-in protest is held for the library.

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