Priya opens up to Rakesh. Adam gets a lesson in crime. Pete proves his worth.

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David gets a shock. James goes out on a limb to help Adam. Finn struggles to apologise.

21m 23 days

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Daz is exposed. Donna's secret relationship is uncovered. Harriet is determined to make amends.

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A troubled Kerry waits at the church for Dan. Laurel comes clean about how she feels. Harriet goes a step too far.

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Daz seizes his opportunity. Finn begins to unravel. David looks after his own interests.

21m 27 days


Dan's world starts to crumble. Adam loses his last ally. Jai persists in exposing Rakesh.

22m 24 days
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The Windasses sink to a new low. Neil accuses a nonplussed Steve. Yasmeen makes an ally of Roy.

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