Cain takes action to protect Belle. Pete is thrown to be given a lifeline. Rhona lends a sympathetic ear to Laurel.

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Pete faces a dilemma. Charity burns bridges with Moira. Vanessa gets an unexpected housemate.

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Charity pushes Moira too far. Kirin enjoys playing games with Rakesh. Nicola's plan leaves Bernice furious.

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Robert schemes to get Lawrence off Ross's back. Rakesh has news for Charity. Rakesh and Priya form a plan.

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Is the net closing in on Robert? Val's charity evening does not go to plan. Rakesh worries about Kirin's future.

22m 25 days


Robert is unnerved as Lawrence plans revenge. Belle shocks Vanessa and Paddy. Pollard is frustrated at Val's charity efforts.

22m 25 days
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