The Issue

Christmas special

It is for many the best time of the year - for others, though, the worst. And some feel the true meaning of Christmas has now been lost forever. Presented by Yvette Shapiro.

47m22 days

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New You've Been Framed!

With Harry Hill. Featuring a girl who keeps raisins in her ears, seals with attitude problems and destroying a shed using only your head.

22m 23 days

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The Issue

Budget cuts

The extent of planned cuts to the public sector is shocking and will affect every part of our lives. Presented by Yvette Shapiro.

47m 14 days

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A device has been found under a car belonging to a soldier in Portadown and the five main political parties have asked the government for over £2bn. Presented by Marc Mallett.

28m 6 hours

NEW Good Morning Britain

Breakfast show. Angelina Jolie chats about her latest film as a director, Unbroken, which tells the story of plane crash survivor and former Olympic star Louis Zamperini.

2hrs 5 days

NEW Tonight

Are you in danger of losing your local? With an estimated 30 pub closures each week, this national tradition seems to be under threat. Can the great British boozer bounce back?

24m 28 days

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