The Twelfth

Paul Clark presents a round-up of the Twelfth of July celebrations, featuring all the colour and spectacle from the main county parades.

23m16 days

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Aled Jones presents another mix of music and chat. Aled welcomes actors Alison Steadman and Ben Miller on today's show and Britain's Got Talent winners Collabro perform.

43m 16 days

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A mother of four has told UTV she will not leave her home in Newry after a gang of men ordered her out and threatened to kill her. Presented by Marc Mallett and Sarah Clarke.

28m 8 hours

NEW Good Morning Britain

Breakfast show presented by John Stapleton, Ranvir Singh and Sean Fletcher. Sean Fletcher chats live with diver Tom Daley at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow.

2hrs 5 days

NEW Tonight

Jonathan Maitland examines whether Christianity needs to take a back seat in our modern secular society, or is David Cameron right when he descibes the UK as a Christian country?

24m 28 days

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Coronation Street

David and Kylie pay Michael a visit. Can Fiz ever forgive Maria? Nick shows Leanne who is boss.

46m 4 days