Food - Can't Cook, Won't Cook

As a nation, we are obsessed with cookery shows, recipe books and celebrity chefs, but it seems that we spend less and less time preparing it ourselves.

23m5 hours

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Jonathan Maitland examines the booming health food industry in Britain. Over 60 per cent of the population buys these products - but do they work?

24m 3 days

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Episode 30

Jonathan Maitland puts his bargain-hunting skills to the test as he sniffs out good deals on property and shopping and speaks to people who have made millions selling bargains.

24m 24 days


The Shape of Things to Come?

Aasmah Mir investigates as to why young women in the UK are fatter than anywhere else in Western Europe. New research reveals that one in four are now severely overweight.

24m 17 days


Future Foods

Jonathan Maitland looks at what the future of food may look like as the world gets more mouths to feed and has less agricultural land to grow produce.

24m 14 days


Food - Frozen v Fresh

Jonathan Maitland investigates the fresh and frozen food supply chains to find out if quality really is being maintained.

23m 10 days
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