Coronation Street

Can Carla bring herself to keep Rob's secret? Eileen supports a jittery Michael. Cilla bids her family goodbye.

22m28 days

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Surprise Surprise

Holly Willoughby presents the show that celebrates the nation's most deserving people. Britain's Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon surprises a very dedicated charity campaigner.

46m 28 days

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Coronation Street

Will Rob confess all when Carla backs him into a corner?

23m 26 days

Coronation Street

A suspicious Carla does some digging. Can Kylie kick her habit? Sinead uncovers Cilla's secret.

22m 26 days

Coronation Street

Will Kylie confess to David? Michelle and Steve are on the rocks. Gary appeals to Alya.

22m 23 days

Coronation Street

Can Kylie resist Callum's offer? Michelle tries rekindling her relationship. Yasmeen opens the community centre.

22m 23 days
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Due to broadcast rights, this show is only available to viewers in Northern Ireland.

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