Coronation Street

Peter's verdict is announced. The McDonalds are in uproar. How will Roy cope?

21m28 days

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Drama series. After the death of two elderly sisters, Sidney and Geordie try to track down a man on the run. Will they be able to catch the killer before he strikes again?

44m 28 days

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Coronation Street

The countdown is on for Peter's verdict. Unnerved Roy isolates himself. How will Liz react to Jim's news?

22m 28 days

Coronation Street

Distraught Roy faces devastation. The judge sums up at Peter's trial. Audrey is rather taken with Luke.

21m 25 days

Coronation Street

Can Roy finally let go of Hayley? Peter tries to keep his cool. Tony and Liz are at loggerheads.

22m 25 days

Coronation Street

Will Carla go with her gut feeling? A heartbroken Roy plans to move on. Steve hides from the world.

22m 23 days
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Due to broadcast rights, this show is only available to viewers in Northern Ireland.

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