Is the net closing in on Robert? Val's charity evening does not go to plan. Rakesh worries about Kirin's future.

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River Monsters

Jeremy Wade explores the Great Rift Valley, a dangerous place for fishermen. But there is a worthy prize - Africa's largest freshwater fish, the Nile perch.

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Robert is unnerved as Lawrence plans revenge. Belle shocks Vanessa and Paddy. Pollard is frustrated at Val's charity efforts.

22m 29 days


Robert must act quickly to protect his secret. Will Harriet help Finn find his mum? There is a surprise at Archie's party.

22m 28 days


Robert panics as Chrissie nears the truth. Megan forms a plan when Ali grows suspicious. Moira is excited as Adam returns.

22m 27 days


Diane's gift to Andy leaves Robert furious. Moira is sickened by Ross's latest game. Zak tries to make amends with Edna.

22m 26 days
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