Moira worries for Adam's future. Andy refuses a new job offer. Lisa resorts to desperate measures in order to lose weight.

21m29 days

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Coronation Street

Can Kylie resist Callum's offer? Michelle tries rekindling her relationship. Yasmeen opens the community centre.

22m 29 days

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Katie and Andy worry that an unwelcome visitor might be sticking around. Lisa returns to more stress than she left behind. Kerry and Ali reach an understanding.

22m 28 days


A bombshell is dropped at the Home Farm open day. Defiant Leyla plays hardball. Chas dishes out tough love.

22m 28 days


Moira is unimpressed by her new house guest. Megan makes a decision. Kirin fights to win back Vanessa's affections.

22m 27 days


Megan confronts Jai. Vanessa's blind date makes Kirin jealous. Jimmy is forced to admit his true feelings.

21m 26 days
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