James's life hangs in the balance. Robert is alerted to Katie's plan. Pete builds bridges with Emma.

22m29 days

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Birds of a Feather

Sharon welcomes Tracey home from prison with a job offer in the school kitchen. Dorien's gambling debts mean she cannot pay the rent.

22m 29 days

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James suffers an accident at work. Katie is convinced she has got the upper hand. Nicola breaks down.

22m 29 days


Pete is forced to tell Debbie the truth. Belle struggles to keep things together. Leyla tries to talk sense into Megan.

22m 28 days


Nicola is left gobsmacked by her diagnosis. Moira is uncomfortable around Emma. Chrissie feels out of her depth.

22m 27 days


Chrissie is stunned by Lachlan's confession. Val has a change of heart. Adam strikes a deal.

22m 26 days
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Due to broadcast rights, this show is only available to viewers in Northern Ireland.

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